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Maintenance method of ball screw

  Ball screw is widely used in a variety of industrial equipment and precision instruments, ball screw failure is diverse, there is no fixed mode. Some faults are gradual faults, there should be a process of development, with the increase of use time more and more serious; Sometimes it is sudden failure, there is no obvious sign generally, and suddenly happen, this kind of failure is all kinds of adverse factors and the outside world together. Therefore, it is the premise of fast and accurate maintenance to determine the real fault cause through correct detection.

  Through detection, if it is confirmed that the fault is not caused by screw movement. It is necessary to consider whether there is a gap between the screw nut pair, the detection method of this situation is basically the same as the detection of screw movement. Use dial gauge to measure the work table connected with the nut, turn the lead screw forward and backward, detect the maximum clearance between the lead screw and the nut, and then adjust.

  If the dial indicator measuring the lead screw does not swing when the lead screw rotates forward and backward, it indicates that the lead screw does not move. If the dial indicator pointer swings, it indicates that the screw has channeling phenomenon. The difference between the maximum and minimum measured values of the dial indicator is the distance of the axial movement of the screw. At this time, we need to check whether the back cap of the supporting bearing is locked, whether the supporting bearing has worn and failed, and whether the pre-loading bearing washer is appropriate. If there is no problem with the bearing, it is ok to reconfigure the pre-loaded gasket. If the bearing is damaged, it is necessary to replace the bearing, re-match the pre-loading washer, and then tighten the back cap. The axial movement of the lead screw mainly depends on the accuracy of the bearing pre-loaded washer. The most ideal state of screw installation accuracy is that there is no positive and negative clearance, and the supporting bearing should have 0. Interference of about 02mm.

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