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On correct detection and maintenance of ball screw

  There will be various problems in the use of instruments, which is inevitable. For the ball screw used in production, there will often be some problems in use, and the emergence of problems is not constant. To make the ball screw can maintain a good running state for a long time, it is necessary to eliminate these problems in time. Today to explain the ball screw detection and maintenance knowledge.

  When the ball screw is used, if the dial indicator of the measured lead screw does not swing left and right when it is used, it means that the lead screw is in a good position and does not move in series. If the pointer of the dial indicator is in a state of continuous swing, it means that the lead screw has moved. For dial gauges, the difference between the largest and smallest measured values is the lead screw.

  How to detect the problem between the ball screw support system, when we use the machine tool, there will be a relatively large reverse error, and then the positioning accuracy tends to be unstable, and when the quadrant is used, there are knife marks, at this time we must do a good check on the gap of the lead screw system. That is to say, the problem is directly related to the clearance of the lead screw.

  If there is no problem with the use of bearings, then we will do pre-add again. If there is a problem with the use of bearings, then it should be repaired at the time of repair and replaced at the time of change. For the above problems, when detecting the ball screw, we first look at whether the back cap of the support bearing is in a locked state, and then do a good job of detecting the wear of the support bearing. It may also be that the use of the bearing pad with pre-load appears.



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