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How to deal with uneven wear of ball screw

  Machine use will have wear, ball screw is no exception, but the wear is not necessarily very uniform, today to explain how to deal with the uneven wear of ball screw.

  It is correct to replace all the ball bearings immediately. The method is to purchase 2 to 3 times the number of ball bearings according to the required specifications and accuracy grade, measure all the balls with micrometer, and group them according to the measurement results, and then select the balls whose size and shape tolerance are within the allowed range for assembly and pre-tightening adjustment. The consistency of ball precision and size should meet the requirements.

  The contact Angle meter is also larger than the original, so under the same axial load, a large radial load will be generated, so that the pressure of extrusion ball is increased, so as to reduce the life of the lead screw, which should be paid attention to. We can solve these problems by dealing with them correctly.

  When the screw raceway of the nut in the ball screw loses its accuracy due to serious wear, the accuracy can be restored by grinding the raceway. Screw and nut should be polished at the same time, all ball bearings should be replaced after grinding, and pre-tightening adjustment should be carried out after assembly. The tooth profile parameters of normal section of thread raceway should be corrected and calculated before grinding. No matter the rolling screw pair with single or double arc raceway, double nut structure is usually used after grinding to eliminate axial clearance and pretightening. The R/ Rb ratio increases as the radius of the raceway increases after grinding, and the bearing capacity of the raceway decreases.



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