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Ball screw is important for the development of CNC machine tool market

  For the domestic ball screw and rolling guide pair and other key parts of CNC machine tool production relative to the host, the development lag, fewer varieties, low degree of industrialization, the technical level is not high, there is a big gap compared with foreign countries, especially the development of high-grade CNC machine tool market demand, some products have to rely on imports. So today we will understand the domestic and foreign ball screw is what

  1. Development of new materials, thermal technology and equipment to meet the requirements of dimensional stability, reliability, easy molding and production efficiency

  2, ball screw precision cold rolling technology and equipment localization, rolling bearing is not a simple mechanical parts in the general sense of P3 level below the ball screw comprehensive promotion of cold rolling process

  3, the introduction and digestion of "CNC precision cyclone hard milling" technology, equipment localization to P3 level with cyclone milling means to partially replace thread grinding

  4, mass production of precision high-speed ball screw manufacturing technology and equipment

  5. High speed, high rigidity, low noise precision rolling linear guide with linear motor

  6. According to the needs of the host machine, research and development of intelligent, complex, mechatronics and high performance rolling functional parts products, the optimization design of ball reversing device and the industrialization of one-time forming manufacturing technology

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