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Application of ball screw

  Ball screw is mainly composed of screw, nut, ball, fixed seat, scraper and reflux pipe. According to the different circulation system, it is divided into external circulation type, internal circulation type and end plug circulation type ball screw. Usually used where precise positioning is required. The structure of the ball screw is traditionally divided into internal circulation structure, represented by the circular reverse device and the oval reverse device, and the external circulation structure represented by the intubation. High precision to ensure the ball screw nut and screw cap are in constant temperature room to do production processing, grinding, assembly and quality control, can ensure high precision quality.

  The torque caused by extrusion is particularly troublesome when the ball screw shaft vibrates at a fixed Angle. This movement causes vibratory torques that are difficult to eliminate completely even with extremely sophisticated components. However, this torque can be minimized by using Goethe arch rather than round ball grooves or by reducing the stiffness of ball screws. Goethe arch has a deeper and more fluid V - shaped section.

  Ball screw development for so many years, has been widely used in the positioning accuracy control of various industrial machinery, gradually become an important protagonist of industrial machinery, electronic machinery, conveying machinery and other products.



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