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How to improve the efficiency of ball screw

As we all know, ball screw is one of the most important parts in machine tools, which directly affects the function of machine tools. Now is a pay attention to an efficiency era, machine tools have higher requirements. If you want to have a better function of the machine tool, you need to have a better function of the ball screw, so how to improve the function of the ball screw?

First, improve the structure and improve the smoothness of ball movement

Improve the ball circulation reverse equipment, optimize the curve parameters of the ball groove, select three-dimensional modeling ball pipe and ball return, truly achieve the ball into the nut along the lead Angle of the inner thread, so that the direction of ball movement is tangent to the raceway instead of intersecting. This minimizes impact losses and noise.

Two, choose "hollow strong cold" skills

High speed ball screw has high temperature because of conflict during operation, forming thermal deformation of screw, which directly affects the machining accuracy of high speed machine tool. The selection of "hollow strong cooling" skill, is the constant temperature cutting fluid through the hole of the hollow screw, forced cooling of the ball screw, keep the stability of the ball temperature. This approach is a useful way to improve the high-speed function and operational accuracy of large ball screws.

Three, properly increase the screw speed, lead and thread number

Now the matching of nominal diameter and lead of large lead ball screw is commonly used: 40* 20,50 *25, etc., and the feed speed can reach more than 60m/min. In order to improve the stiffness and bearing capacity of ball screw, double thread is generally used for large lead ball screw to improve the number of useful bearing circles of ball.


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