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How to ensure the stability of ball screw movement

 As we all know, mechanical movement is different from human, mechanical movement in the case of high mechanical performance, high speed and effective movement is relatively easy to achieve. But if in low speed movement, because of the reaction degree of the machine itself and the composition characteristics of the mechanical parts, it will lead to crawling at low speed, and in this case, the precision is not high enough. Ball screws should also be kept stable in low speed movement to meet the needs of a variety of production environments, so the following two aspects should be paid attention to:

One, low speed movement to maintain stability

In the process of low speed movement, it is very easy to crawl. At this time, the smoothness in the process of low speed movement and the lubrication degree between the guide rails should be taken into account. At appropriate low speed, it is easier to control speed and improve accuracy by maintaining a certain friction force.

Two, the rigidity of the guide rail

The guide rail in the case of external force will not be affected to the accuracy, which must be taken into account. If the stiffness of the guide rail is not enough, it will directly affect the balance force, making it impossible to maintain linear motion efficiently. In order to make up for the rigidity of guide rail, we can properly consider increasing the size of guide rail or some other methods to improve the rigidity of auxiliary guide rail.

The smoothness of the ball screw in the low-speed process is actually a method to ensure its accuracy. In the low-speed process, it is necessary to ensure that the stiffness of the guide rail can adapt to the environmental requirements. In addition, in low-speed movement, proper consideration of the amount of lubricating oil can effectively help increase accuracy and improve accuracy, so that the whole low-speed process will not affect the precision of the product.

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